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Self-doubt when building a business online not only sucks it robs you of all of your momentum you’ve worked so hard to build.

And I completely get it, because before I hit 7-figures, it took me 12 months to get my first client, ouch.

I feel your pain sister.


A cure that let’s you have truly meaningful and inspiring work (instead of feeling like a copy-cat)

While having some serious impact on the people you want to help as well as spending more quality time with the people you love, doing the things you love.

This is the dream, and I hear you, you’re exhausted from having chased it every way to Sunday with nothing real to show.



More specifically your beliefs, your confidence, your mindset and your positioning. They aren’t powerful enough, consistent enough, fully aligned or strategic.

It’s so confusing and annoying to want something so bad you can taste it and be blocking it or resisting it at the same time!


I was a single mama. I was $60K in debt. I had been “trying” to make this online business work for a year with nothing to show except the sad reality that I had to move back in with my parents because of my crappy choices.

I had a few issues that were really at the root of keeping me from accelerating my business and creating my desired life:



I didn’t know I even had to be aligned for the business to take off.



I kept trying to fit myself into the mold that just wasn’t me, and so it always felt like I was searching for something to get it right, when what was missing was my true essence.



It wasn’t till many thousands of dollars down the drain that I figured out, it wasn’t my strategies (those were on point) but it was my belief in my ability to lead that was missing.



I had no idea I even had a money story that was causing me to resist and sabotage myself every time I tried to make money.




Just plain not true. The mindset shifts and strategies required to ACTUALLY live a laptop lifestyle are not for everyone. If you are trying to go from making 3 or 4 figures to $20K months while living on a beach, but at the moment only feel you deserve to work really hard, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.


Total B.S. You can have the exact same team as someone who is earning 7 figures but if you don’t have the mental game and aligned strategy, you will be bankrupt and soul crushed within 3 months – I have seen this happen.


Many people have fallen for this (myself included), but it’s kind of like buying a knock-off purse, it looks JUST as good at first but the quality becomes evident very quickly. Just focusing on someone’s lifestyle has nothing to do with their ideas, innovation or ability to draw out the absolute best in others.


There are so many different strategies out there that it can get really confusing and overwhelming to know which ones work and which ones don’t.The part they don’t tell you is that every business needs a customized strategy that is aligned around the leader, otherwise it will flop. Having the confidence to decide what is right for you in your marketing is a far more lucrative quality to develop.

There is no quick-fix scheme to building a business, but there is a formula for creating leadership that builds a long-lasting sustainable audience, income and impact that:

Pulls together marketing and strategy that works for your particular business and your personality.

Allows you to be visible with integrity so that you never have to feel like you are pretending to be someone you are not.

Shows you how to shift your mindset towards money and client attraction on a level that truly aligns you with your desired income.

Next Level Leader Facts

If you want to generate 6 and 7 figures, you CANNOT and WILL NOT be able to do it with an employee or 4 figure mindset.


If you want to generate sustainable income in an industry that is KNOWN for being inconsistent, you CANNOT do it without a PROVEN strategy.


If you want to get out of the feast or famine cycle and stop feeling like “just another” coach, mentor or service provider, you CANNOT do it without changing your BUSINESS MODEL.


You have what it takes to make it, because you’ve come this far, and there’s no way in hell you are giving up now.


You’ve been sold a lot of baloney about making money online, Eiffel Towers and laptops on the beach that don’t require leadership skills, specific strategies or serious mindset shifts.


Now that we have our FACTS straight, it’s time to ANTE UP your entrepreneurship game inside of:

An 8-week experience for powerhouse leaders that shows you how to go from overlooked to fully booked.



Lesson 1

Mindset and Leadership [ A New O/S]

Inside this module is a new operating system for your life and business that successful and sustainable online businesses leaders have been using for years. It changes the whole framework of how you operate and leaves you with a new foundation to build your business upon that isn’t made out of a scarcity, chase them down mentality. We dive into the internal work required to make those big income and impact leaps you want and need happen ASAP.

  • What are you here for? We dig beneath the surface beyond passion beyond what you are naturally good at, we go deep into your essence, the fundamental desire you have that isn’t about just making money. Getting this piece correct is going to change your approach to everything and as a result your outcomes will change dramatically as well.
  • What do you stand for? This is probably the biggest missing piece in most online business lack of success, so we tackle it from the outset. Pausing here to define what we actually give a serious damn about is what is going to fuel, attract and grow our business exponentially and make you stand out from the copycats, you cannot be duplicated.
  • Your Big Vision. This is where we separate those who want a get rich quick biz from those who are here to make an actual impact. Creating a mission statement is one of the most powerful things you can ever do and the clarity that we will create from this will cement the foundation of your belief in yourself in a way that people cannot ignore.
  • Cultivating a 7 Figure Mindset. To choose a mindset that matches your income level is one of the hardest parts of the entrepreneurial journey because it requires letting go of what has been comfortable but not profitable. We outline what cannot serve you anymore at the income level you desire and what attributes are necessary to cultivate in choosing a new reality.
  • Committing to your new reality (my secret weapon). If you’re used to playing small or even playing medium then this is going to be a great challenge for you. Committing to a new reality before it’s actually manifested is the scariest and most profound mindset work you can do. Seeing yourself as the leader and acting from that mindset will completely shift your ability to be paid for who you are by taking a seemingly extreme level of personal responsibility over your life.
Lesson 3

Understand The Big Picture with The Big Picture Process

Most of us get a few wins and then try to pull together a strategy as we are learning every new online technique and tactic and there’s never a time to get clear on what actually works. This lesson is going to give you the applications for your new operating system that will provide the clarity for how you build from wealth (the wealth that is inside you) rather than scarcity. The approach for how to run a business that stands the test of time and creates a legacy around YOU not what worked for someone else.

  • Clarity on what your market wants – a new way to survey. You need the right data to be able to create programs and services that are effortless for you to create and no brainer solutions to your clients needs. In this lesson I show you what to ask, how to ask it and what to do with the results so you create a demand before you even offer anything.
  • Your Zone of Genius. This is not about straying from your zone of genius it’s about facing your resistance to it or finding out what limiting beliefs are standing in the way of letting you shine and releasing them. We’re going to pivot right here and now and find out exactly how to zero in on the thing you do better than anything else and build your business around that.
  • Your Unique Business Model and The Feel Good Philosophy. One of the biggest pieces leading to entrepreneur burnout is using business models that are not customized to your particular taste, personality, strengths and weaknesses. I show you exactly how to create a framework that is based on feeling good rather than keeping you in a cycle of scarcity and deprivation that most of us are used to when we try to make “things happen”.
  • Sustainability and Scaling Evaluation. I’m going to show you how to scale your business in ways that are designed to accelerate your growth and minimize growing pains. Choosing to create a business that is sustainable is as much about your ability to be resilient as it is being strategic in your how, we dive into both. I answer your questions about how big you should scale in what time period for your business to thrive 10 X 20X 100X – we discuss what growth model is going to best.
  • Limitless Legacy building. Taking lots and lots of aligned action is the muscle we will be building in this section. The requirement to building limitless legacy is your ability to take calculated risks, deepening the trust within yourself to choose and create opportunities that will perpetuate leads far into the future of your business.
Lesson 3

Discover Your Profit Potential with the Hidden Money Method

We don’t avoid the nuts and bolts of profitable business while getting paid to be ourselves. Inside this module we are going to start pulling all of the attraction methods that actually work to bring your clients and cash closer to you without any gimmicks or soul-sucking false promises. I show you how to be in your power, take action and be a leader who capitalizes on potential with great heart and integrity.

  • We explore all of the ways in which you can create income by being you that requires very little effort to start building the cash flow that will allow you to take bigger inspired action towards your desired goals, income and impact levels.
  • Pricing is one of the trickiest places entrepreneurs get caught in a no man’s land mindset. We move with confidence into this section with how to truly see the value in your work and align with the pricing that is driven by your results rather than “what people will pay”.
  • Showing you the instinct required for making spontaneous offers that plump your bank account while presenting a juicy giveaway that allows a different type of client to jump into your sales journey.
  • Maintaining your energetic hustle without burnout. A pivotal lesson in managing your energy, boundaries, scheduling and task prioritization straight out of the books of legendary entrepreneurs. I will show you how to best maximize your time so you can monetize your efforts.

Lesson 4

The Simple Social Influence System

Unleashing the leader within has everything to do with changing the way you influence people. I show you exactly how I’ve managed to connect with thousands of people, have dedicated subscriber list of true fans and followers. This is about digging deep into your story and then leveraging the real YOU to be impactful and top of mind in your audiences feed, making it very simple to go viral and get a steady flow of clientele knowing about you before ever meeting you.

  • Social Influence. How to change the status of your online business relationships to go from helpful “friend” to respected expert. We look at the paradigm of giving too much away and not giving enough. Striking the balance that elevates you from the status quo to someone who is a contender for real impact.
  • Authority Positioning. Being the expert is about transformation, it is about leading and showing the goods to your followers. Training your audience to expect life changing results by valuing your own authority. We look at what it would take for you to have unshakeable authority in your positioning. This section shows you the absolute foundation of marketing that attracts and executes versus marketing that is uncompelling and lukewarm.
  • List Building. I built my business via my list and it is the oldest and most tried and true method of creating a business that can withstand anything including the internet selling bubble popping at some point. Building a relationship through your list, how to be on a continuous upward curve in your strategy and always be collecting new leads. I give you my most valued and confidential secrets to doing this without sacrificing who you are and how you want to relate to your customers.
  • Leverage Your Story with Authentic Storytelling. Part of the reason you are not currently standing out is because you either haven’t shared your story, leveraged it the right way or only have a certain perspective on it that isn’t drawing people closer to you. We get deep into your story what makes you uncomfortable about it and how to convey it so it sets you apart in a way that is unforgettable and remarkable.
  • How to be everywhere with impactful posts. You can post everywhere and never be seen, and even be avoided. We turn the tables on posting psychology here with how to write impactful posts that people are looking forward to reading, saving and sharing. Being able to come up with aligned content, facing your visibility fears and reaching for a deeper truth is what I will show you how to master in this section.
Lesson 5

Create Killer Content with the Strategic Content Solution

The sales funnel has been bastardized as this soul-less way to get money in the bank. We peel back the layers of fundamental attraction marketing here to make sure you are connected to your buyers every step of the way. You never want your people to feel like just another number and with my approach to strategic content and marketing you will create relationships that convey your commitment to your clients while also being authentic to yourself and your beliefs.

  • Lead Magnets. If there was one part of your business that I would consider responsible for the financial momentum of big leaps, it would be the intensity and execution with which you create and disseminate opt-ins. We will tap into this ability to truly share your genius with the proper intention to pave a road of very happy, willing to pay, throw their money at you followers.
  • Content Marketing. Together we will be creating relevant, viable and value driven content that allows you to stay integral to your beliefs and the way that you are in the world. The stronger your content, the more powerfully you define your clients, their pain, your solutions which then becomes the inspiration behind viral shares and unsolicited referrals.
  • Client Journey. We move away from the sales funnel concept into the client journey and what exactly we want to create through that experience. While designing a funnel together we will explore exactly what motivates and drives us a leader and our clients as well. This is a two prong approach on what you want for your client and what you ultimately want to create for yourself that is both sustainable and keeps the money flowing.
  • Connecting content with Leadership. In this lesson we will talk about what makes for authentic content that attracts dream clients. Healing the disconnect goes deeper than just making the sale. We want to affect lives, we want to show that we have original approaches and ideas that will compel clients and turn them into allies.
Lesson 6

Amplify Your Connections with the Audience Amplification Process

Strategies for raising your visibility and getting known are key in creating leadership that supports your vision and mission. This module was created to be able to reach as many people as possible with your message, so you don’t feel crushed by your smallness but catapult yourself in with the giants of your industry as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Social engagement through challenges. The rules of engagement have changed in online entrepreneurship, more is required to stand out from the sea of noise makers. Taking the time to choose an aligned challenge that truly serves your clients and pushes your original thought leadership is key in building loyalty and numbers in your audience.
  • Scale your business through guest posting and interviews. Finding the right platforms to grow your audience is crucial to building a brand and business that stands the test of time. I show you how to land guest posts and interviews that will be relevant to your ideal clients and allow you to amplify your credibility instantaneously.
  • Joint Ventures and Partnerships. I will show you how to make easy and strategic choices that feel truly connected when choosing JV’s and partnerships. This is untapped territory that is waiting for your leadership and presence to offer the right opportunities in complimentary industries.
  • Choose your mega Platform. We’re talking BEYOND Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Think bigger: book, podcast, stage. We will discover which platform suits you best and how to maximize it’s potential for your style of leadership. From getting your Ebook noticed, to Live or virtual events – I have done them all and can tell you how to leverage them for maximum exposure.
Lesson 7

Launch and Make your Offer with the Magnetic Offer Method

Selling is only sleazy when you don’t believe in what you are doing. When you step into a different zone of belief in yourself and your business and look at everything you bring to the table from natural talent to experience to accomplishments you begin to see the value you offer. It then becomes easy to be magnetic in your sales when you follow my methods for maximizing your profits.

  • Ask for the sale. There is a specific method to approaching your discovery calls that creates relationships and sales. Most of the time, entrepreneurs haven’t been trained in authentic salesmanship and this is what we break down in this section. What should happen on a call? What are the right questions to ask? We cover the most important points to conscious selling.
  • Convert leads into buyers. Having learned from the best in the business, I offer you my behind the scenes look at email automation from a leadership perspective that gets money into your bank account without feeling like a spammer.
  • Passive Cash. Group trainings are something you have to be aligned for and I show you how to take what you do 1:1 and how to break it down into digestible and results-driven group programs that really leverage your time. There are mindset shifts required when serving in a group capacity that we will cover as well to make sure you can attract groups not just in the desperation for creating cash flow.
  • Promo Schedules to Maximize Profit and The Art of the Follow-Up. Most entrepreneurs don’t plan for promo, I will share with you my best practices for promo schedules to maximize your ability to profit, keeping your message vibrant and not losing your audience along the way. I also will give you my most successful mid-launch boosters for when your ads aren’t converting as well as you hoped or organic reach is at a standstill and what to do re-invigorate your audience.
Lesson 7

Elevate Your Impact with the Raving Fans Formula

Being an influencer is not just a buzzword, there is a level of integrity required to break the mold within your industry. Having ethics and integrity is a huge part of creating a following along with conscious choices. By weeding out the people you are not serving you attract more of those who connect with you on an authentic level. I show you how to come from a place of service without sacrificing who you truly are.

  • Create an amazing customer experience and get referrals and testimonials. What does an amazing customer experience even look like for someone who has a small business, 1:1 or is service based? We dive into the most important parts of user experience and how that relates to being paid to be you. How to shift your mindset to ignite the domino effect in attracting clients without effort but rather your leadership speaking for you.
  • Attract and magnetize your true tribe. The concept of the 1000 true fans is what we will establish in your business. They are the hardest to achieve but the most worthwhile. I will give you a behind the scenes look on how I grew my tribe and was able to magnetize them from the outset.
  • Publicity and getting known. We go from theory to practical reasons you need and how to get publicity for yourself without hiring a PR person. There are tried and true methods I will share that can rapidly grow your notoriety and following giving you that extra credibility and authority to set you apart from the masses.
  • Influence with Integrity. In this lesson we will go head first into Exclusivity Marketing – you are not for everyone and that is something that most entrepreneurs don’t leverage correctly. Being exclusive allows you to be picky about who you work with and why, and surprise surprise, that creates respect in your market. Once you have respect, the money follows closely behind. I show you the mindset shifts required to being an influencer and a trendsetter.



7 Figure Copy Masterclass – LIVE

Creating Leadership and Cash flow through integrity based persuasion with Adil Amarsi.



Story Copy 101 – LIVE

How To Use Your Story To Sell More Of Your Products/Services, Build Powerful Relationships With Your Audience, And Create An Army Of Raving Fans with Adil Amarsi.


Adil Amarsi is best known for being one of the elite world class copywriters and consultants.

What separates Adil Amarsi from the veteran copywriters is his age – having started to write direct response sales copy from the young age of 12, Adil has made a name for himself as a veteran before his 30s.

His ability to structure complex sales funnels and pieces and break them down to simple, easy to follow instructions separates him from others in his field. Not only that, as of 2016 Adil has been responsible for a confirmed $311 Million Dollars in sales for his clients through his work and consultations.


Million Dollar Naming Process

How to Activate your Creativity and Manifest 7 Figure Names Effortlessly.

Wealth and Creativity Strategist Agnes Kowalski goes behind the scenes to show you how to ignite your creative fire so you can name products, programs and offers that have the power to attract millions of hearts, minds and dollars.

Agnes Kowalski is a Wealth and Creativity Strategist who has supported countless online businesses in reaching 6 and 7 figures with mindset and creativity techniques.


You’ve probably seen her work on million dollar sales pages and program names that you just can’t help but fall in love with. Her work has been seen in Huffington Post, YFS, CEOWorld, Elephant Journal, and The Globe and Mail. She is a proud mamapreneur to two little polaricans, loves 90’s hiphop and is the host of ManifestationTV (link to and can be found eating gluten-free bon-bon’s over at


Publicity Masterclass – LIVE

How To Generate The Right Kind of Publicity And Media Attention That Will Give You Credibility, Leads & Sales With Esther Kiss

Esther Kiss is the founder of Born To Influence, a boutique publicity firm specializing in helping experts and personal brands get more publicity, leads and sales. Her clients have been featured on TV, in newspapers, magazines and on some of the top podcasts in the world, resulting in millions of dollars in additional sales.

Through their coaching program Strategic Influence, in collaboration with her business partner, John Dennis, she teaches a unique, methodical process for developing influential personal brands designed for exponential, long term growth.


But, I must warn you…

This program is NOT for everyone.

The truth is that most people will not work hard enough, stay uncomfortable long
enough or invest in themselves enough to make it.

But for those who want

The world to know their name…
To start a revolution in their industry…
To make money that reflects massive impact…
To be the Leader of a movement that challenges the status quo…
And to have a 7 figure mindset and bankroll to go with it…

Step Forward,
and Take the Oath that will change your life and business forever:


What happens when 
you are P.A.I.D.

You have a clear mission and platform to present from to attract a whole new market

Create epic viral challenges that engage your audience and influences them to buy

You’ll discover how to get publicity for your business so you stand out as the go-to expert

You’ll know what a 7 Figure Mindset looks like and the attributes you need to assimilate to withstand the level of growth you desire

A new technique to survey your audience that allows you to collect clear data so you can provide the most valuable + profitable offers

Strategies for moving through resistance used by the Top Thought Leaders in our industry

A method for knowing when and how to scale your business 2X 3X or 10X

Cash flow and kickstarting income strategies that can easily double or triple your income

Content strategies that can help you attract more clients, or fill your first or next group program through Authority Value Propositions

Lead collection that is both truly valuable to your clients and also grows your list by 500- 2000 leads per launch

Being impact ready and leveraging your story so that all of the big PR channels are banging down your inbox

Increasing your visibility online by 50-80% online without any ad spend

Sales funnels that upsell and downsell which can increase revenue by up to $100K per year

Platform expansion that allows multiple streams of traffic into your business (not just FB groups!)

7 Figure Cheatsheet on Promo Schedules and Launch Boosters

The ability to lead with full integrity a tribe straight into your transformational products, services and programs

My best practices for gathering influence, authority and the ability to captivate an online audience

Concrete sales and offer methods that I use for all of my launches

An approach to creating buzz, social influence and amplifying your connections that you can take and apply to any new business, program or product that you are releasing

A brand new framework for your business that allows you to customize every part of your and your customers experience and make way more money

A Note From Jenn

After 6 to 12 months online without a solid foundation, you can really start to feel beaten up – am I right? Chasing the next client, the next invoice, the next post that will fingers-crossed “go viral” is an exhausting game and just not the way to build something that actually matters to you and those you want to help.

I’ll put to you like this, if you don’t marry MINDSET. LEADERSHIP. STRATEGY AND POSITIONING. Your business will die a slow, painful and expensive death. AND YOU’RE NOT GOING TO LET THAT HAPPEN, BECAUSE YOU ARE GOING TO BE

But I didn’t always believe this was possible.

Like you, I used to get up, get my son off to school and start hustling online. It took me a hard 12 months before I got my first paying client! And after that I was definitely chasing paper to keep growing but it felt like an empty pursuit, you know? I was attracting some good clients and some nightmares and it still felt like I was on this unfulfilling journey.

The truth was I didn’t have the mindset to stop chasing and start creating, I needed to connect with a deeper purpose. So what did I do? I looked around at those who had the type of business I wanted and I studied with them and started digging through my belief systems.

I invested 6 figures in the last 2 years in personal development and that’s what really started to skyrocket my business into something that was more than just consistent lead-generation (though that was a nice side benefit) et voila, I pivoted into my passion and was able to double my income to 7 Figures.

I will show you exactly how to do this in your business inside P.A.I.D. so you can be:

Spending time with the family instead of wasting time on profitless tasks

Doing the thing that really lights you up without sacrificing your income

Finding your passion again and aligning it with a business for profit using proven marketing strategies

Sharing your story, your message and your impact in a way that truly serves the people you want to help





Cailen Asher

Made over $9K from launching her first group program!

“Having her support and eyes on my business was amazing”

Moving through the program brought me so many insights and helped me put together my first group coaching program, which I launched during our time together.

Having her support and eyes on my business was amazing, and I made over $9K from the launch of my group program based on her format and suggestions.

Kate Crocco

Doubled then Tripled her Monthly Income!

“I learned to show up even more as a leader and a giver and in turn, that was multiplied back to me”

That first month I almost doubled my monthly income. Since I scaled back my therapy practice to focus on my coaching biz I was only bringing in about 5-6k per month.Our first month together I brought in just under 10k!! From the moment I heard your first call I started to believe in myself even more. I have pretty high confidence after working it years ago, but I was being a little timid in my discovery calls. I knew I could change people’s lives, but would hold back in fear of sounding cocky. I really learned how to sell myself confidently and still in integrity with who I am.

I learned to show up even more as a leader and a giver and in turn, that was multiplied back to me. Month one with Jenn I doubled my income and month two I almost tripled my income. I had so many ideas for so long and with Jenn’s support all of those ideas came together and I launched a program that felt so aligned to my business and how I want to serve women. I can’t recommend Jenn enough. She is a GEM!”

Rana Olk

Got 2 new clients and is creating a summit!

She knows more strategy than you can ever fit into your business plans, and she’ll know the best one for you to focus on.”

Looking for a business and visibility mentor? There are plenty out there, but if you want someone with as thorough in understanding of what it takes to get noticed, look no further. She knows more strategy than you can ever fit into your business plans, and she’ll know the best one for you to focus on. If you want a coach who will be a role model, not just an information giver, she’s the real deal. I’ve worked on mindset, discovery sessions, gained two clients since I started, believed I could do a summit and started putting that into motion.

Lexi Koch

Created a new opt-in, new funnel and got visible on social media!

“She was completely encouraging of me, my pace and my business and really saw me though we were in a group”

Though Jenn is at the top of the game, I felt entirely comfortable being myself and being where I’m at. She was completely encouraging of me, my pace and my business and really saw me though we were in a group. I felt total love and confidence oozing from her toward me and that meant the world to me. I have a new opt-in and new welcome funnel. I am much more visible on social media.

Lisa Marie Pepe

Booked 5 1:1 clients, landed a paid writing gig at SHIFT and added 600 members to her group!

“I truly believe that had I not hired her, I would be exactly in the same place I was at this time last: just another coach struggling to make it.”

This program was truly life-changing in so many ways. In less than 7 weeks of joining Upscale, I’ve experienced monumental breakthroughs in my business and celebrated several major wins! I booked 5 new 1:1 clients (mind-blown) and have had serious inquiries from women interested in working with me from all over the world without even posting a CTA to book a discovery call with me! (WHAT?) I landed a paid writing gig as a regular Staff Writer with Dr. Robert Garcia of SHIFT Magazine! I truly believe that had I not hired her, I would be exactly in the same place I was at this time last: just another coach struggling to make it in the online world. Just do it. If you’re truly serious about up-leveling in all areas of your life and business, Jenn Scalia is the one and only coach you’ll ever need.

Sharice Styles

Had her best month ever in the first 2 weeks of the program!

“It was the best move I could have made for my business.”

Upscale totally changed my business for the better. I learned strategies and tips that helped me reach my best month ever in just the first two weeks of the program!! It was the best move I could have made for my business. I’m a true blue Upscale fan!

Sharice’s video

Kimberly Gipson

Got her first paying client and launched a membership site!

“She is totally transparent and doesn’t hold back on any of her tips and tricks!”

This program was Ah-mazing!! For a total newbie, Jenn made the step by step process of creating a profitable business easy to understand and implement. She is totally transparent and doesn’t hold back on any of her tips and tricks! Jenn provides so much value, and gives you everything you need to get your butt in gear and go out there and create the business and life of your dreams!!! I did get my first paying client – that I didn’t think I was ready for- But through gaining confidence through Upscale- I decided to go for it- and start before I was ready. I am new to business and I just launched my membership site. I think Jenn brings so much value and passion to everything she puts out there.

Sara Dann

Had a $14K week!

“Within just a few sessions, I re-gained tons of clarity and confidence around what I do and what to charge.”

When I first came to Jenn, I was in a place where I was frustrated, confused, and really just lost in understanding what was next for my business. Within just a few sessions, I re-gained tons of clarity and confidence around what I do and what to charge, which truly got me excited about my business again. That quickly led to signing on multiple new one on one clients, multiple automated income streams, and new offerings that I’m SO excited about. I’ve also sold out 2 private group programs and just recently had a $14k week! I’ve worked with a few coaches before, and while they were great, this was the first time I felt like I TRULY had someone in my corner and as invested in my success as I am.

Jennifer Blanchard

Created consistency and clarity in her marketing and message!

“You can’t afford to not work with this woman!”

Before I started working with Jenn, I was struggling with consistency, especially when it came to money. Limited thinking. Lack of people knowing who I am/what I do.

As a result of working with Jenn, I have become a ton more visible! I have consistency in my marketing which is starting to bring in more consistent business. I finally have clarity on my message which has been HUGE. I am also thinking WAY bigger than I ever have before and not only believing I can have it but also that I deserve it. Jenn is the real deal. I’ve worked with a lot of coaches and gotten mixed results. If you want results that stick, hire Jenn. You can’t afford to not work with this woman.

Gordana J

Grew her list by 75% in just a few weeks!

“She will catapult you into success!”

Before working with Jenn, I was stuck!! I had no idea how to build an online business. I was dipping my toe into different tools with very little to no success. I didn’t have a strategy or plan to help move me forward. I didn’t know how to put the pieces together. Working with Jenn, I was able to grow my list by 75% in a few short weeks. I was able to implement challenges both on Instagram and on Facebook that increased my visibility and leads. She helped me implement a plan that took me out of overwhelm and into action. If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, looking to get visible and create a business that thrives, you need Jenn!

Kim Taylor

Landed her first client boosted her open rate to 24%!

“A big believer in leveraging your strengths in order get visible.”

The biggest challenge I faced was figuring out my “sweet spot”. I knew what I wanted to do and what I had to bring to the table, but I wasn’t sure how to translate that in my messaging.

While working with Jenn, I noticed a big shift in the responsiveness of my list. My open rate jumped to 24% from 14%. I started to get responses back from my list regarding how beneficial and useful the information was. During our time working together, I also landed my first client! This was a really big deal for me. I definitely believe my newfound confidence, understanding of copy and messaging, as well as, the knowledge you shared with me about following up helped me in getting my client. She signed up 2 days after I made contact with her–no questions asked!

Laura Sprinkle

Created a business that allowed her to make a huge impact and income!

“I love working with Jenn because of her no bullshit style”

I love working with Jenn because of her no bullshit style and how freaking inspiring she is! It seems like magic that she can create so much valuable content with seemingly little effort – but I know that she simply creates from the heart and is always so HELPFUL. She was a major catalyst for me to stop playing around and finally create a business that allows me to make a huge impact and income.

How will YOUR level of entrepreneurship benefit from the P.A.I.D. experience?

Every level of Entrepreneurship has it’s challenges, this program is structured to allow acceleration at every level, so here’s what you can expect:

For the Novice: If you’ve just left the 9 to 5 or are dreaming about putting in your notice, this is for you. You are going to create the ultimate foundation for your business. Unlike thousands who jump right in, don’t build an infrastructure invest in countless programs that give them techniques and strategies that they can’t leverage without the mindset or leadership, you will be years ahead by being ultra clear on all three levels before you start. In terms of developing a following, retaining that tribe and monetizing your greatest assets, you will be jumping in with the confidence level of a 6 and 7 figure earner.

For the Intermediate: If you’ve been in the online game for a couple of years, seen a few wins but are struggling to maintain momentum and find yourself in feast or famine a majority of the time, then this is also for you. We are going to dig deeper and remove the faulty beliefs that are keeping you from breaking your set income levels. Then we will move onto matching your beliefs with marketing and content strategies that are actually aligned with who you are and your long term vision for your business and your life. This is a perfect time for you to double back and re-ignite the fire for success that you may have lost in the noise of trying to stand out online. You will return to the online world refreshed, remotivated and with an actual plan of how to dominate your results and receptivity with a ride or die tribe by your side (finally).

For the Advanced: If you’re already making 5 figures in your business but you are lacking a bigger vision and the consistency level that you desire so you can focus on frying bigger fish. You’ll be shown how to nail your PR, Podcast platforms, Speaker opportunities, Networking or Writing Books and how to leverage these new platforms to increase your followership by thousands not hundreds. You’re going to see how to leverage leadership to build sustainability and launch strategies that will double, triple or 10X your income, using my personal launch boosters and schedules that can be replicated over and over again. We will tighten up your marketing and content strategies as well as re-evaluate your ability to scale and automate so we free up more of your time to pursue more opportunities that allow you to be Paid To Be You.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from other business programs?

Get PAID is not just another course. It’s an experience and includes elements that most courses and programs don’t offer. It’s an experiential program that marries mindset and leadership with the actual processes you need to get a steady flow of clients. It’s not only about mindset, and it’s not only about tactics- it incorporates both so you can experience deep transformation and results FAST. It’ also taught by a bonafide 7 Figure earner which completely changes the calibre of both delivery and proven strategy in comparison to other programs.

What if I can't do the program right now?

You can access this program anytime, however keep in mind that this program was designed as a group learning opportunity and being part of it with other participants and taking advantage of the live calls and Facebook community will provide you with the best experience and results. If you have any questions, please contact:

Do you offer refunds or have any kind of guarantee?

30 day money back guarantee. *You must provide proof of full participation, implementation of lessons, attendance of calls and completion of suggested processes. We are not responsible for your results. In simple terms this means you have to give it 100%, the program works if you work it.

How long before I see results ?

Once the mindset shifts have occurred, most people start seeing results right away. However, as with any training, it all depends on you taking action and implementing the tools and techniques I share with you in this program. Some participants saw results just after signing up and others saw results after completion, continued momentum is integral to seeing results.

Is this for newbies or seasoned entrepreneurs?

Both. This is for anyone who wants to really create a movement and stand out online. Whether you are brand new or someone who has tried before with little or no results, this program will position you for profit. Even a seasoned entrepreneur that has the skills, but still has not broken through that plateau can benefit greatly from the lessons inside Get PAID, on how to really position yourself as a leader and the go-to in your industry. If you have set income point that you want to smash, this is for you.

Can’t I do this on my own?

Yes, and no. Creating an epic movement online requires grit, resilience and the right strategies. From someone who has gone from 0 to 7 figures in three years, take it from me when I say that you can’t do this alone. If it were not for the extensive training and knowledge I received from online business programs and working with high-level coaches and investing at the 6 figure mark, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. Maybe I could have gotten then in 10-15 years on my own, but who has time for that?

Do you offer 1:1 support?

Paid to be You is designed as a group program, however if you are interested in working with Jenn 1:1, please send an inquiry to Please be aware that the investment in Get PAID is a tiny fraction of what it costs to work with Jenn 1:1 and her spots are by application only.

What happens after I buy?

After you buy, you will be taken to a page that confirms your purchase. In your email you will receive a receipt for your transaction as well as a welcome email from Jenn. You will have instant access to the Facebook mastermind group where you can immediately connect with your fellow online leaders. Next, you will receive an email from Jenn with further details on how to log into the site to access your first lesson on October 24th when class officially starts.


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